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Local restaurants are the cornerstone of communities across the country. We are the nation’s second-largest private sector employer, creating first time jobs and careers in big cities and small towns. Restaurants are a place for people to gather and celebrate special moments with loved ones.

Restaurant operators face a number of challenges and opportunities in Congress and in state governments across the country. As the voice of the restaurant and foodservice industry, the National Restaurant Association advocates for federal policies that help restaurant operators and their employees thrive in a customer-driven business environment.

Credit Card Competition Act

Interchange or “swipe fees” cost businesses $77.5B in 2021. Unfortunately, lack of competition in the credit card processing network sector continues to drive these fees higher, straining businesses and consumers battling the long-standing effects of inflation.

Person paying for a meal by tapping their credit card to the credit card reader

Take Action Now on CCCA

Swipe fees are one of the highest operating expenses for restaurant operators, just behind food and labor. Tell Congress to pass the Credit Card Competition Act to stem rising swipe fees.

Proposed Ban on Restaurant Surcharges

In October 2023, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed a rule that would force U.S. businesses to eliminate the use of service fees and surcharges. The rule would require operators to post total prices for a service or good, reflecting all costs except shipping and government charges.

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Tell the FTC that restaurant operators and workers can’t afford this regulatory overreach.

Tipped Wage and Tip Credit

Tipped employees have fought to protect the long-standing tipped income system because of the greater earning potential it creates. Research has shown that tipping helps restaurants with slim profit margins recruit and retain top talent.

Tip left on counter with salt and pepper shakers holding the money in place.

Essential Workers for Economic Advancement Act (EWEA) ​

People are the restaurant industry’s greatest asset. Expanding America’s restaurant workforce is essential to our industry’s success.
Two colleagues standing in the kitchen with arms crossed, smiling at the camera wearing aprons.

Take Action Now on EWEA

People are the restaurant industry’s greatest asset. Tell your Congressional representatives to help small businesses thrive by passing the Essential Workers for Economic Advancement Act.

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