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Local restaurants are the cornerstone of communities across the country. We are the nation’s second-largest private sector employer, creating first time jobs and careers in big cities and small towns. Restaurants are a place for people to gather and celebrate special moments with loved ones.

Restaurant operators face a number of challenges and opportunities in Congress and in state governments across the country. As the voice of the restaurant and foodservice industry, the National Restaurant Association advocates for federal policies that help restaurant operators and their employees thrive in a customer-driven business environment

2023 Public Affairs Conference

Make a difference on policy that affects your business. The Public Affairs Conference is the restaurant industry’s largest grassroots advocacy event.

Every segment (from quickservice to fine dining) is represented and includes large, international brands to smaller, independent operators who want to advocate for our industry.

In addition to meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, conference attendees will hear from top political speakers and celebrate the industry at networking events.

15 million

Foodservice industry jobs
at the end of 2022

9 in 10

Restaurants have fewer
than 50 employees


Restaurant owners started their industry careers in entry-level positions

Joining Forces to Fight for the Industry as a Whole

The restaurant and foodservice industry has nearly 1 million outlets and employs more than 15 million people. Together the voices in the industry can move lawmakers toward change.

Key Issues
The Credit Card Competition Act (CCCA) would stem skyrocketing fees, improve security and service, and save American businesses and consumers an estimated $11 billion per year.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed a rule that, if adopted, will force restaurant operators to be less transparent with their customers, rewrite compensation models, increase menu prices, and overhaul established business practices.
Maintaining the tip credit and tipping system provides tipped employees with greater earning potential and restaurant owners the ability to reinvest in their non-tipped employees and business.
People are the restaurant industry’s greatest asset. Expanding America’s restaurant workforce is essential to our industry’s success.

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